No, I’m Not Her Grandfather

I’ve actually been accused of being my young daughters’ grandpa less frequently than I expected, but every time it happens, it does sting. My white hair is probably the tell. All over the interwebs are articles about how my situation is part of a trend of older fathers—especially adopters. Late-blooming baby boomers like me.

I was 51 when we adopted FD. (Everybody out of the gene pool!) more…

Yes, Cheese…Sorry…Please

We are grateful for Daiya.

There are only two things this particular vegan misses: Bacon and cheese (even better if they’re together in an broiled open-top sandwich). It’s worth noting my arteries don’t agree; they’re happy the way things are.

Vegan bacon? That’s a nope. Sure, there are vegan “bacons,” but as tasty as they can be, they’re nothing at all like that greasy, salty, diaphanous, crunchy, delicious evil non-vegans eat. (Feel free to correct me if you know otherwise.)

Cheese, though, is a far bigger deal to me, and for years we missed it painfully. more…

I’m Moving This Chart’s Clip to Red

SD’s just wrapping up kindergarten and we have come to truly hate the so-called clip-chart system her elementary school uses. Maybe you know this system, introduced in 2009 by a company called New Management as “A Simple Discipline Strategy for Promoting Positive Behavior.” It’s unfortunately been adopted by schools across the country. more…