Our Family Knock-Knock Joke Redux

A time-traveling knock-knock joke

A cow and her tardis

Just a quick note about those interrupting cows. Doc has a new version of the knock-knock joke that has seven-year-old SD delightfully baffled. It goes like this:

Doc: Moo.

Doc: Knock, knock.

SD: Who’s there?

Doc: Time-traveling interrupting cow.

SD: [crickets]

This is such an utterly (udderly?) pointless joke, except that SD has no idea what to do with this, and that’s amusing because we’re mean. The joke is just so…meta.

SD did tell us at dinner the other night that she’d told the new joke at school, and claimed it got a laugh, too. “Oh, really?” I said skeptically. “Show me how you told it.”

“I don’t remember.” Huh.

SD’s at least better at this than my older sister, who couldn’t handle a knock-knock joke if her life depended on it.

Me: Knock, knock.

Her: Yes?

Me: No, say “Who’s there?”

Her: “Who’s there?

Me: No, wait until I say “knock, knock!!”

Her: Okay.

Me: Knock, knock.

Her: Yes?

image: Kevin Walsh and Alexander Baxevanis