Defender of Our Poor Cat-Upon Carpets: Fizzion

keep it clean

Yes, healthy cats are extremely clean. That is, if you don’t count their mouths, which a bite can reveal to be a lacerating pit of tiny infectious monsters. But a cat’s cleanliness extends mostly just to the cat him/herself. As far as your home goes, erm, not so clean.

We love our cats, we do, but us cat owners have to admit one thing about our precious felines—they enjoy a good puke, be it kibbles eaten too fast or a righteous hairball. Can I get an “ick?” I know this is a gross topic, but I have useful info to share. (And no, no one’s paying me for this.) If you own a pet, read on. If you don’t, move along, buddy.

Anyhow, we’ve been through all of the usual suspects for cleaning our carpets, and none of them work, except for one that we learned about from My Cat From Hell: Fizzion.


It’s done an amazing job for us many times. My only complaint is that after using it, it’s painfully obvious how dirty the rest of my carpet is.

According to their website, the magic of Fizzion is in carbon dioxide, CO2. CO2 is apparently used in dry cleaning, and it’s the reason you race for a club soda when you drop an hors d’oeuvre on yourself at a party. Fizzion’s makers say their product is “based on this age-old technique and combines it with modern advances in chemistry.” Not so grammatical, but you get the point. They also “minimize bulky packaging, promote the use of reusable spray bottles, and create products that require low-fuel transport” in a bid to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Here’s my recipe for success. (Hm, “recipe” may not be the right word):

  1. Clean up any big bits with a paper towel. I know: ew.
  2. Wet the area liberally, just shy of soaking it, with Fizzion.
  3. Let it sit five minutes.
  4. Gently—so as to squash the stuff into the carpet as little a possible—wipe or blot away the stain. You won’t get it all yet.
  5. Hit it again with Fizzion to wet it.
  6. Get yourself a bunch of paper towels and just accept that you’re gonna keep blotting until your paper towel comes up clean.
  7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until you’re satisfied.

The stuff arrives at your house in big tablets you have to mix with warm water in a bottle like ours above.


If you’re crazy enough to have carpets with a pet, you should try this stuff. Really, you probably shouldn’t have carpets.