Vegan Junk Food No Sane Person Would Eat. But I Do.

Because manufacturers are so cheap, there’s lots of vegan junk food.

So let’s be clear. This is not a post about all of the nutritious, healthy vegan foods and recipes there are. It’s about Evil: The standard America garbage grub that’s vegan junk food just because its manufacturers are too cheap to pay for anything but chemicals. more…

Yes, Cheese…Sorry…Please

We are grateful for Daiya.

There are only two things this particular vegan misses: Bacon and cheese (even better if they’re together in an broiled open-top sandwich). It’s worth noting my arteries don’t agree; they’re happy the way things are.

Vegan bacon? That’s a nope. Sure, there are vegan “bacons,” but as tasty as they can be, they’re nothing at all like that greasy, salty, diaphanous, crunchy, delicious evil non-vegans eat. (Feel free to correct me if you know otherwise.)

Cheese, though, is a far bigger deal to me, and for years we missed it painfully. more…